Using Units in your group

What are Units and how can I find them in my group?

Units are a way for group admins to organize and share content and resources with their members. They work like an education module and are a great tool to help onboard new members.

Members can also mark their completion of each unit and this completion rate is tracked within your Group Insights.

To set up units for your group, head over to "Edit Group Settings" on desktop and change the group type to Social Learning. This will add a units tab to your group. After setting up at least one unit, you can change your group type at any time and still access this feature.

Why is this important for my group?

Using Units, you can create modules for your group rules, important posts or other relevant content you would like to easily find and organize. This will help your members find what they need!

With Units, you can organize posts and choose the order in which they appear.

You can track member completion! For example, if you have rules or training guides, you can track who has completed them. Members can click “I'm done” tell admins that they have completed the unit. This will be visible to the admin in their Insights.

Admins can then view their group insights and see details on each members’ unit and post completion.


To set up units for your group, head over your settings and change the group type to "Social Learning"

How can I use Units in my group?

Units can be used in a variety of ways different ways in your group!

Admins use Units to organize content for things like training their moderation team, organizing local recommendations, member spotlights and more.

For more on how admins are using Units in their group, check out:

Use Units to help onboard new members, train your moderation team and keep content organized.

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