Using Group Insights

What are Insights and how can I find it in my group?

With Group Insights, admins of groups larger than 50 members are able to see real-time stats that reflect growth, engagement and membership such as the times that members are most engaged.

You can find your Insights in your group's Admin Tools.

Why is this important for my group?

Insights are a great way to learn more about your members and how to keep them engaged. By learning who your top contributors are, peak times when members are active or what posts interest your community the most, you can adjust your strategies to better suit your community.


Use Insights to find key group analytics such as popular days and time, top contributers and most engaging posts.

How can I use Insights in my group?

Top contributors is a great indication of who is most involved in your group, this can be an easy way to find admins or moderators to join your team

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Engagement can tell you when your members are the most active in the group, this can help you determine when to post your content and what content resonates with your community

For more on writing engaging posts, check out this article.

Growth can help you track how many members are joining your community -- this can help you determine what other promotions to explore for further growth.

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Insights can help you understand your community and adjust your strategies to better suit your members.

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