Using a Page in your community

Why use a Page and how can I link it with my group?

Pages are a great way to broadcast information about your community and provide a space for updates or relevant content. They can also be a helpful way to moderate and link to all of your existing groups.

To set up a Page, go to the Menu on the sidebar navigation in your News Feed. You can click “Pages” and “Create” start a new Page.

Pro tip: Keep the same or a similar name as your group so members will know that it’s the same community voice.

Once you’ve set up your community page, you can link to your group by clicking “Groups” and “Link your Group”. Here, you can choose which groups to link and you can start posting in your group as your page.


When starting a Page for your community, keep the same or a similar name as your group for easy association

Why is this important for my group?

It allows for all of your groups to be linked in a central location, under the “Groups” section of your page. For instance, if you have multiple local groups or topic-specific communities- you can link them all here!

You can use your page to post about your community and create interest publicly. You’ll also gain the ability to boost your posts with Facebook Ads.

How can I use a Page in my group?

Your page can serve as the profile you use in your group to post announcements, moderate and manage conflict. You can also join other communities as your page.

Using a page in your group can allow you to post as the group entity anonymously. Only you and your admin team will see which admin has posted as the page.

Use Pages to broadcast important information about your community and to post announcements as well as manage conflict.

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