Understanding Group Quality

What is Group Quality?

Group Quality is an overview of content removed in your group for violating certain Community Standards including a section for false news found in your group.

If a group is in violation of Community Standards, Facebook may do any of the following:

  • Disable the group if there are sufficient admin and moderator violations, which includes:
    • If an admin or moderator creates content (example: posts, comments, rooms) that violates our Community Standards.
    • If an admin or moderator approves violating content from a group member.
  • Take down the violating content.
  • Turn on temporary post approval for members who repeatedly post violating content in the group.
  • Show a group's content lower in News Feed if a group repeatedly shares false news. Facebook may also stop suggesting that people join the group.

With the Group Quality tool you can now see exactly when Facebook removed piece of content from your group along with which Community Standard it was violating. And, for most violation types, what the actual content was. This is to provide more context on the decision that was made.


You can find Group Quality in your group under Admin Tools, here you can take action against violating content

Where can I find it?

You can find it in the Admin Tools section of you group, under “Group Quality.” To access Admin Tools, click on the badge icon in the upper right corner of your group. Note that Group Quality is only available to admins, not moderators.

You can see Details next to a Community Standards violation to see the violation history of the member who posted that content. From there, you can enforce by clicking "Take Action" to mute, block or remove the violating member.

How can I use it?

Group Quality shows how Facebook decides what to take down- including posts in groups. Our Community Standards outlines what is and is not allowed on Facebook and covers important topics (such as our policies on hate speech.) In Facebook Groups, we use a combination of human review, latest technology and reports from our community to identify and remove content that violates our Community Standards.

Group Quality allows you to view and manage content that violates Community Standards at a glance.

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