Using Watch Party

What is Watch Party and how can I find it in my group?

Watch Party is a co-watching experience inside Facebook Groups that brings people together around video.

Similar to the experience of Facebook Live, everyone in a Watch Party is watching the same moment in the video at the same time, connecting group members in a uniquely social way. Group members can watch, comment on and react to the same videos at the same time.

You can find Watch Party as an option in your group composer. To get started, head to your group composer and select Watch Party, then click “Add Videos” from your post and add videos to your queue from there.

Currently, only admins can host a Watch Party (and only from your desktop) but we hope to expand this soon. As a host, you can add videos to the queue, invite as many members as you like and control how videos are played.

Why is this important for my group?

Watch Party is a great way to engage with your community, especially around topics you care about. You can upload videos to spark conversation for your group and help members connect over a shared interest.

How can I use Watch Party in my group?

Watch Party is a great resource for creating online events for your group and sharing videos you create!

  • For more on hosting events online, click here.
  • Learn more about creating captivating videos here.

Watch Party is a great way to bring group members together and spark conversations around a shared experience.

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