Using scheduled posts to save time

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For a new admin to ensure that you don't
get overwhelmed, use the scheduling posts feature.
That kinda saves you a lot of time.
You can schedule posts to go out that you know happen
weekly for example, or happen daily. If you're
unavailable when your group is most active
schedule a post. You can keep driving your group
forward. You can keep building discussion without
actually having to be your phone clicking post.
Juggling multiple responsibilities is always a challenge, and we're all looking for ways to save time. Experienced admins use scheduled posts to plan ahead and create posts when it's best for them. We spoke with admins Lauren and Jonathan to let us know how and why they schedule posts in advance.

Using scheduled posts lightens your load and makes the work a little bit easier.

Nikki, Group Admin

Key Tips
  • Try planning out a week's worth of posts and scheduling them in advance.
  • Schedule important posts when your group is most active.

Experienced admins agree scheduling posts can help you manage your group more efficiently. Write posts when it's most convenient for you, then select a date and time for the scheduled post to automatically appear in your group. Some admins recommend creating an editorial calendar or setting aside time to schedule multiple posts.

You can also use Group Insights to understand when your members are most active. With Group Insights and scheduled posts, you can prepare content in advance and post them at the times when your group is most active.

Admins recommend using times when the group is most active to increase the visibility of a post you need members to comment on, or when you have an important group announcement.

Writing posts and scheduling them in advance can save you time and effort.

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