Using Keyword Alerts

What are Keyword Alerts and how can I find it in my group?

Admins sometimes find that it’s hard to review all of the posts and comments in their community.

Keyword Alerts allow you to receive notifications when specific words and phrases are used in your group. You might want to set up keyword alerts because certain words and phrases aren’t allowed in your community, or because you want to be able to react to them quickly, or for generally monitoring activity in your group.

Keyword Alerts can be found within Admin Tools on mobile and Group Settings on desktop. These are the places where admins access all the tools available to them, including Member Requests, Pending Posts, Group Insights and more.

Why is this important for my group?

Keyword Alerts can help you more quickly identify content in your group that may need your quick attention. This feature can also be used to find content you might want to share.

Some admins set alerts for things like “birthday”, custom hashtags in the group or words that violate group rules.

How can I use Keyword Alerts in my group?

To access Keyword Alerts:

1. Go to your Admin Tools (Group Settings on desktop)

2. Set up your list of words and phrases that you’d like to receive notifications for (only admins can add keywords)

3. Each time one of those words or phrases is used in a post or comment, all admins and moderators will receive a notification. You will not receive notifications for pending posts, only for content posted in the group.

4. Review all of your alerts at once in the Keyword Alerts queue, where you can decide whether to keep or delete it. You can also “Keep All” or “Delete All” with one click

Learn more about using Keyword Alerts to organize content or manage difficult members. in your community. Also, hear from Geriann. on how she uses keyword alerts to prevent bullying in her group.

Keyword Alerts are a great way to engage in conversations within your group.

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