Using Group Insights to help manage your group

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I actually use my Group Insights to find out when
people are most active in my group. It allows me to
know when to post in the group,
you know, to get more engagement. We use Insights
a lot for Top Contributors: seeing who posts
the most in the group and giving them kind of a shout-out,
trying to make members feel welcome and embraced
and a part of the community.
Have you ever wondered what posts are most popular in your group? Group Insights gives you real-time information about your group's growth, activity and membership. Admins Nikki and Lauren use Group Insights regularly and have shared some of the ways they use it to manage their groups.

I use Group Insights to find out when people are most active in my group, and that's when I tend to post.

Nikki, Group Admin

Key Tips
  • Try posting important updates at times when your group is most active.
  • Recognize your top contributors by featuring them in a post.
  • Set goals and celebrate milestones with your fellow admins and moderators.
  • Identify trends of popular posts in your group.
  • Plan events with several group members.

Some of the top contributors in your group may be great potential moderators.

Group Insights is an admin feature available to groups with 50 members or more that provides metrics about your group. These metrics include information on member activity, growth, top contributors and more. Many admins use Group Insights to understand their group membership, trends and activity.

Some admins use Group Insights information to help determine when and what to post, which members might make good moderators or even locations for group events.

Knowing when your group is most active can help you target times to post important updates. You can also use those times to increase the visibility of a post you need members to comment on. You might also want to experiment with posting during low periods of decreased activity to try to increase member participation. If your members are active when you're unable to post, you can schedule a post to appear in your group at a specific date or time.

Some admins recognize their 10 top contributors (which includes people who have the most posts and comments) each month by featuring them in a post.

The top posts shown in Group Insights reveal the posts that receive the most likes, comments and views on any given date. Reviewing popular posts can help you help you identify the types of posts that people enjoy. If you're looking to increase member participation in your group, consider posting similar content.

Learn about your group's growth, popular posts and top contributors with Group Insights.

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