Learning Labs

A program that brings extraordinary leaders of the largest and most engaged groups together to advance the goals of their communities.

Program Details

Learning Labs is an exclusive program that brings group leaders together to engage with shared challenges, discover unique ideas and experiment with specialized content to reach their individual community goals.

  • Personalized Learning

    Group leaders discover, test, and adopt pro tips, best practices, and tools to help achieve their individual goals.

  • Peer Workshops

    Tap into collective wisdom - share strategies and hacks to grow communities and strengthen leadership skills while building lifelong connections.

  • Dedicated Facebook Team

    Your Facebook team’s mission is to help you succeed through coaching, early access to product features, and expedited product support.

    Here’s How it Works

    Join the Group: We currently aren’t accepting applications, but please subscribe to get updates about the program and to hear when we expand to more locations and leaders. If you qualify for the program, we will send you to our application page and, if accepted, a Facebook team member will invite you to a group with other leaders like you.

    Participate in Weekly Expert Education: Workshops and discussions around topics relevant to your community are led by experienced community leaders and your dedicated Facebook team.

    Get Personalized Support: Get product support and personalized help through office hours with your Facebook team, priority escalations, and group discussions with other leaders.

    Express Interest!

    Get updates on the program and hear when we expand to more leaders.

    Who Can Apply to Join?

    Learning Labs is an invite-only program designed for exceptional community leaders of large and engaged communities. If you are a Group admin or moderator of a large community, and are motivated to elevate your community building skills and achieve your community goals, contact us through the form on this site. When we open our program to new leaders and communities, we will reach out if you qualify.

    Can People Who Have Already Participated in Other Facebook Community Programs Be a Part of Learning Labs?

    Yes. Group leaders benefit from the various programs offered by Facebook. Applicants will be accepted to the program so long as they meet the program vetting criteria and are a fit for Learning Lab’s curriculum and programming.

    When Does the Program Start?

    The program will start when you join the group, and runs on a rolling basis. Upon acceptance into the program, you’ll get immediate access to personalized learning, peer workshops and a dedicated Facebook team.

    When is the Next Application Window?

    Our team is currently focused on supporting our Lab members to help them lead and grow thriving communities. If you are interested in receiving more information around the program and feel you meet the criteria to join, contact us here. We will let you know during our next application window if you qualify.

    Terms and conditions