Helping new members feel welcome

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As a new member, you get a welcome post and our
moderators and our admins know to make a point to
come say hello, so that they feel like really
welcomed and absorbed in.
They really are a part from the day one.
When people join, they do wanna be a part of a
community. So that welcoming when they come on
board, definitely is a nice way to start. Then
older members can come on and comment and kinda
make them feel welcomed and give them a warm
embrace, so to speak.
It can take some time for new members to feel comfortable in your community, especially in large groups. We asked admins Geriann and Lauren for their advice on how to help new members feel accepted and appreciated.

When a new member joins, we create a welcome post in the group with all of their names, individually welcoming them.

Lauren, Group Admin

Key Tips
  • Greet new members in a welcome post, so they feel like a part of the group from day one.
  • Encourage your moderation team to comment on the post and strengthen the initial welcome message.
  • Comments from existing members help encourage new members to participate.

Encourage existing community members to welcome people who have just joined the group.

Create a welcoming environment in your group and make it a part of your community's culture. Admins we spoke with agree that a welcome post makes new members feel appreciated and accepted.

If you only have a few members join each week, you can greet them individually. For large groups, where many people join per day, create a weekly welcome post, which automatically tags new members (up to 100 members in each post). If tagging people individually doesn't feel right for your group (some people don't like to be singled out), you can invite members to introduce themselves in the comments of a general welcome post.

Experienced admins encourage their fellow admins and moderators of the group to introduce themselves on the welcome post and say hello. This lets new members get to know who the different admins are and feel acknowledged.

Have a welcoming committee and encourage members to welcome each other. Some members may start to do this on their own after seeing admins welcome new members. Admins recommend privately thanking these welcoming members to tell them how much you appreciate their positivity.

Greet new members in a welcome post and encourage your team and other members to join in.

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