Organizing content in your group

Often times, the amount of information in a group can make it hard to find certain posts or topics.

When your members share great resources, you have information about the group or generally you just want to quickly catalog and find posts, being able to have them in one place can make things easier.

Here are some quick tips on how to organize content in your group.

4 key ways to organize content

Units allow you to create sections for content in your group. It could be around themes, resources or general rules and best practices for your group.

Some admins have created units for “local recommendations," "resources,” “recipes,” “member spotlights” and more. This can also be used to train admins or moderators if you have a team group.

Find what common topics arise in your group and go from there!

Hashtags are also a great way for members to search the group or self organize their content. Creating hashtags by theme can help make it quick to find later - #bestpractice, #recipe, etc.

These two tools can help you search easily through content that is posted in your community.

You can create alerts for different types of content so you are notified when members post about it. You can even set up an alert for your hashtags. From there, you can then add them to your units or create a master post for them all.

Another way to keep track of important posts is to add them to announcements, if you have content you want to make sure members see - add them to the top! You can also choose the duration of time they will stay in this section.


Keyword alerts can help you to stay on top of and organize new content in your group

3 key tools

Units can be used to organize groups of posts into sequences that can be revisited anytime. They’re great for organizing posts into a series or for them to be easily found.

For more on how you can use units in your community, go here.

Steps to set up Units:

  1. First, you will need to change your group type to “Social Learning.” This can be done in setting under “Group Type.” After you create your first unit, you can change your group type back.
  2. Next go to the Units section and create your first unit. Name your unit and decide if this is optional or if members of your group need to see it.
  3. From here, you can create your unit such as “Community Manager Guides” that can feature handbooks or other resources for your volunteer admins

When asking your group for important content or polling them for ideas you can pin your announcement.

Steps to pin an announcement:

  1. Go to your group and find your event post
  2. Click the “...” and “Add to Announcement”
  3. Choose the length of time (could be until the event is over) and set your announcement!

Keyword alerts can help you to find the hashtags you set up for your community, here you can save, pin or add content to your units.

Steps to use Keyword Alerts:

  1. Go to your group and open admin tools
  2. Go to Moderate your Community on desktop or just click on “Keyword Alerts” on mobile
  3. Click "Select keywords" and start adding in your words

Using tools to organize content in your community can help you quickly find information and topics that you are looking for.

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