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I do not know how you could create the
culture of your group without being active. I think
as a leader, it's really important that we are
there and literally, I'm on there morning, noon and
night and it's intentional. People want to know
you. They wanna feel like they can relate to you.
It's very important to post in that group and kind of
be a model for what you want your members to do.
You have to lead by example. I try to post at
least twice or three times per week. I try to
listen to the group members: what do you wanna see
in the group? What don't you wanna see in the group?
Actively participating in your group as a member, not just an admin, helps set the tone for your group. Group members look up to you as a leader of the group, but they also want to see your passion for the group overall. We asked admins Geriann, Lauren and Nikki why being active is so important.

I like to embed myself into conversations and encourage our members to participate.

Joelle, Group Admin

Key Tips
  • Being active helps you create the culture of your group.
  • Your members want to get to know you, and your posts and comments help them do that.
  • Lead by example and model the behavior you want to see in your group.
  • Create an environment where people feel comfortable sharing.

Admins recommend using Facebook Live to reach group members in a personal and authentic way.

Admins recommend being both visible and authentic. Members appreciate that you are involved as a fellow member of the group, not just as an admin. Being social and interacting with members lets them get to know you and helps build trust. Once you have established this trust, it's easier for members to feel comfortable coming to you with any questions or participating in the group themselves.

As an active admin, you can help encourage a positive group culture by modeling the type of behavior you want to see in the group. Experienced admins tell us being active also allows you to notice positive and negative trends in the group. If you notice group members reacting positively to a post, you may want to encourage more of the same.

Admins tell us members like to be recognized, even if it's just with a like or a short comment. Give members positive feedback by actively commenting and reacting to their posts. Acknowledge members and let them know you care.

Posting regularly once or twice a week (or more) lets your members get to know you. Consider scheduling posts in advance so you don't need to be online around-the-clock.

Consider using Facebook Live to reach group members in a personal way. Let members know when you go Live and be ready to field questions. Going Live also is a great way to let new members get to know you and participate. Admins tell us that new members, even those who are initially hesitant to post, will sit in on a Facebook Live.

Actively model the behavior you want to see in the group and interact regularly with members.

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