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A way that new admins can kind of encourage
members to post is through creating engaging
posts to start with. You wanna ask a question in
your post. You don't want it to just be something that
doesn't lead to any kind of conversation. I think
it's kind of scary to post for the first time in
a group. I literally run a poll every
single week. It may be like, "How you feel about
the group?" or maybe "What are you doing this
weekend?" It get people engaged it's really non-threatening.
The other thing that I love is
comment on the comments, you know: get those things
nesting and get conversation going. Really respond
to them and that in a stupid way, like really in a
genuine way.
Looking to increase posts and conversation in your group? Experienced admins Lauren and Geriann give their expert advice for encouraging member participation.

It's kind of scary to post for the first time in a group, so when they do, I engage with them in an authentic way.

Geriann, Group Admin

Key Tips
  • Create engaging posts and ask open-ended questions that lead to conversation.
  • Use polls with simple questions so all members can easily participate.
  • Comment on member posts and participate in discussions as a fellow community member.

Ever feel like you’re the only one posting to your group? You’re not alone, this happens in every group, especially at the beginning. There can be a number of reasons why people may not actively participate in your group. Just as there are introverts and extroverts in any real-world gathering, there are active and less vocal folks online.

Some members want to comment on everything. Others may read or observe an ongoing discussion without participating, and only sometimes comment. Experienced group admins remind us that many quiet members are still getting value from your group. They're a part of your community, too.

Put yourself in a new member's shoes: What are the top few things you'd want to know about a group and its members before contributing? Use the group description and welcome post to explain some of these group basics. This helps members feel comfortable participating confidently.

Some members might need ideas about what to post. Asking easy, open-ended questions is a great way to increase group participation. If a less active member responds, interacting with them in the comments can let them know their voice matters. Many admins use polls to encourage less vocal members to add their opinion with a single tap. Going Live in your group allows members to comment and connect with you in real-time. Admins tell us that even members who are reluctant to post will sit in on a Facebook Live. Once people participate in these ways, they might feel more comfortable posting on their own.

Make participation easier by asking questions, using polls or going Live in your group.

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