Using marketing and advertising to grow your group

"I like having t-shirts and decals out there because it does attract a lot of new members."


Group Admin

We have flyers and other group merchandise that we bring to events, and we have sign-up sheets for members who want to be contacted later.

Joelle, Group Admin

Key Tips
  • Create t-shirts or stickers to help reward passionate members and let them advertise the group.
  • Make flyers or business cards in case you meet someone who might like your group.
  • Reach out to businesses related to your group's theme to see if they'd be interested in partnering with your group.
  • Use social media, like Instagram, to promote your group.

Consider making branded merchandise to help passionate members show off the group's name or logo.

Advertise your group offline with unique pieces of merchandise. Create t-shirts, cups, stickers or other items and include your group's name and information about the group. Some admins reward top contributors by offering a t-shirt or sticker as a surprise gift.

Some admins leave business cards, flyers or other items with interested people at local events, trade-shows, or conventions. Wear a shirt with your group's name, logo and other information when attending events, as a conversation-starter. You can encourage people to join your group right away, or have a sign-up sheet and contact interested people later.

Consider creating social media accounts for your group to share community updates and develop your unique voice. When using Instagram, for example, include a link to the group in your profile so people who like your Instagram content can request to join your group. If you have a website, explain your group's mission in greater detail and include a link to your group so people can easily find it and join. If your group isn't public, make sure to ask permission from community members before posting content they've shared in the group.

Audio transcript

"People want to represent the community that they’re in. Probably within the first week I had members asking me for decals they could put on their vehicles or shirts that they could wear. I like having t-shirts and decals out there because it does attract a lot of new members. I’ll go to local events; I like to get out and hand out business cards with my group link on it and group name and kinda explain a little bit about what we do. I like to have a more hands-on approach with my advertising." - Dwayne, Group Admin

Advertise your group with branded merchandise and on social media and attend related events.

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