Cross promoting your group

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Let’s talk cross promoting your group.
[Music] Shamash: We promote our community through
Facebook so we use Facebook Pages Facebook Group and a lot of Facebook Events.
Anne: They all connect so we use different platforms to tell a slightly different story.
So how can I cross promote?
Marina: We of course create events in Facebook.We post it in the group, we post it in Instagram,
in the feed in Stories so we have so many ways for us to be like hey this is the event
you cannot miss it.
It's like you cannot tell me you didn’t see it.
Any other tips?
Anne: Our community works in synergy with other communities.
What we do is develop really close relationships with other communities that have a similar
mission to ours or at least our values align with ours.
And then we work together, we share each others content, if the other community has an event we promote it
on their behalf and vice versa.
Shamash: By working together we’re greater than the sum of our parts.
Learn tips and tools for promoting your community outside your own group.

They all connect. So, we use a different platform to tell a slightly different story.

Anne, Group Admin

A great way to gain engagement, spread awareness and attract new members is to cross promote your group. This could mean building relationships with similar communities on Facebook or expanding your reach to other platforms.

Here are a few quick tips to help you use cross promotion to grow your community.

3 ways to cross promote your group

Groups can help each other in a big way. Admins can share advice, resources, content, and even audiences – so building a network of like-minded group admins can put you way ahead of the curve.

First, consider where your community fits in the bigger ecosystem of groups. Are there other groups whose members and interests overlap with yours? Look around to see if others run similar or related groups and reach out. It can only help your community (and theirs)!

Connecting with people who are influential in the same space is an easy way to expand your audience. Most admins are eager to make new friends and sharing each others’ posts and events is a one way to give your members content they’ll love while amplifying your own message. You might not have an idea for how to work together right away. Just reach out and introduce yourself!

Check out some of our programs that can help bring you closer to fellow community leaders.

Instagram can be a new way to engage potential members, with its own hashtags, influencers and tools. Starting an Instagram for your community is another exciting way to expand your group’s reach.

See if there’s someone in your community who’s Instagram savvy and ask for their help setting up a profile! If you have photos or other awesome visuals from your group, share them on Instagram – just make sure you get proper permission before reposting.

Be sure to add a call to action and link to your group from your Instagram profile – it could be something like “To join fellow travelers in our group hit the link in bio!” You can also set up takeovers from community members around the world or “influencers” in your space.

Using a Facebook Page is another way to get the word out about your community and linking it to your group couldn’t be easier. You can use your page to make announcements and share content about your community like relevant articles, memes or content from your members.

  • If you have multiple groups, you can link them all and use your page as a hub.
  • Investing in your page can help bring awareness to your group, especially if it is a private group. Sharing from your page opens up content for others to take part in and potentially this will grow interest in joining your group!
  • Using a page also means that you can boost your posts or create ads on both Facebook and Instagram - an effective way to get your community seen across platforms
  • You can also post in your group as your Page, this is a way to tie your community together and gives you more room to speak as the authority for your community.

Instagram can help broaden your follower base and give you another place to share great visual content from your group.

Tools for cross promoting your group

Having a page for your community can boost its visibility and give you another platform to promote what you care about. Think about posting updates, articles, photos from your events and relevant posts from members (with permission of course!).

How to set up and link to your page:

  1. Go to the pages tab and either “create a page” or open your page
  2. Once you have set up your page you can now link to your group
  3. Under groups, add all of your groups in one place

Instagram can help broaden your follower base and give you another place to share great content from your group.

To set up an Instagram:

  1. Go to your personal profile or new account to create an Instagram
  2. Click on “Create New” and give your account a name (we recommend the same as your community)
  3. Start posting content (photos, video) related to your community. Here you can source content from events, related posts and posts from the community (with permission and tagging of course)
  4. Use hashtags to increase discoverability of content, see what hashtags other accounts are using or use apps like Focalmark to generate hashtags. Finally, comment on other accounts' content to contribute to a dialogue within your community ecosystem

Cross-promoting to different channels is a great way to get new people interested in your community. By working with other groups you can expand your reach, grow your network, and easily find content that’s relevant to your community.

Posting in different places lets you share what’s important to your community with new audiences and give potential members a sneak peak into your group.

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