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The description of the group is very important. Think of a new
member if they come to the group, are they gonna know exactly
what the group is about just from your description, but I would
say four more welcoming positive tone. You definitely wanted to
be kinda upbeat fun. The cover photo is Super important. That's
the first thing that you see before you join the group. it's
kind of a preview into what your group is about so you wanna
make sure that it kind of highlights who you are as a group
when I first started. I did add my friends to the group friends
and family are the first people to support you. They're gonna
support you no matter what if you start a new group. it's very
important to post in that group and kinda be a model for what
you want your members to do. You have to lead by example to
keep things on track definitely put in place rules. Our group
does not have a lot of conflict and the reason why that is is
because of the rules that we put in place so that's a good tip.
There are a few basic steps to setting up any new group. We spoke with experienced group admin Lauren, who runs a successful group with over 5,000 members, and learned the first few things she'd recommend doing for a new group.

When you're starting a new group, the most important thing to think of is what the group's purpose is going to be, and the rule set that you need to create to make it that.

Jeff, Group Admin

Key Tips
  • Use your group's description to explain what your group is about.
  • Upload a cover photo that represents your group's topic and style.
  • Invite a trusted friend to join your group.
  • Make a post in the group to welcome members and show them the kind of posts they can share.
  • Write your group's rules to help members know what is and is not allowed.

Upload a group cover photo that's relevant to your group's theme and catches people's attention.

Getting started with your new group takes just a few steps. Whether you're looking to create a group for family and friends or looking to start a community to connect with like-minded people, these tips will have your group up and running in no time.

Add a description

Your group description is a great chance to set the first impression for new members. Admins tell us that your group description should state the intent of your group clearly to help new members understand how to best contribute and engage.

Upload a cover photo

Your group cover photo can help shape your group's identity. Is your group about a specific topic or distinct location? You might want to use an image of that topic or place as your first cover photo. Your first cover photo doesn't need to be perfect since you can change it as your group grows. Some admins eventually hold cover photo contests and ask members to submit images that represent the group. Have some fun with it and make it your own.

Add people to your group

Add a trusted friend as your first member who can give you initial feedback about the group. When you're ready, add members who you think would enjoy being part of your group. Find people who share your interests and who may be excited about your group. Take time to make those new members feel welcome and valued.

Make your first post

Your first post can be about anything, from welcoming people to the group, to uploading a relevant photo or video. Consider the kind of tone you want to set for your group. If your group is about a specific topic or interest, tell folks why you are passionate about it.

Admins tell us that asking open-ended questions generates discussions and models the types of interactions you want in your group.

Experienced admins tell us that when a group is just getting started, regular admin participation is essential. Members might not know how to participate, so leading by example helps people feel more confident.

Write a few rules

As an admin, you can decide on the types of rules you want to set for your group. Examples of rules include the kinds of posts that are encouraged, the types of behavior that are discouraged and your member approval process. Experienced admins tell us that writing clear rules from day one helps establish your group's culture and prevent conflict.

Group setup includes adding a description, cover photo, members, writing your first post and rules.

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