Creating a sense of community in your group

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One of the most powerful ways to create a sense of community is by connecting members to each other. Group admin Jonathan talks about how his members have positively impacted the other members of his group.

Creating community is all about the group members. We're nothing without our members.

Lauren, Group Admin

Key Tips
  • Connect members to each other to build strong ties in your community.
  • Monthly “member appreciation posts” encourage people to give shout-outs to helpful members.
  • Providing opportunities for members to meet in person can help people feel even closer to each other.

As you get to know different members, try connecting people with similar interests by tagging them in comments or posts.

Experienced admins suggest that how you welcome each new member sets the tone for a positive group culture.

Connect active members to each other, especially in the group's early days. Helping people get to know each other early on ensures that your community is founded on strong bonds.

Admins find that the personal connection formed by meeting in person can increase a sense of community and help people feel more connected to and invested in the group. If it feels right for your group, consider hosting events to get your members together in person. Even if people live in different places, you can encourage members to organize their own regional gatherings.

Establish a sense of community by welcoming new members and connecting people to each other.

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