Relying on your team for help

"Just trust in your staff, trust in your friends to take good care of the group."


Group Admin

Appoint moderators or admins, so that each person can take a day off whenever they’re feeling overwhelmed or a little stressed out.

Nikki, Group Admin

Key Tips
  • Share and divide responsibilities with other admins and moderators to avoid getting overwhelmed.
  • Be sure team members know what they are responsible for, so no single person takes on too much.

Train your team to step in for each other when one of you needs a break.

Experienced admins tell us running a successful group takes time and effort. Communities can break apart when an admin becomes drained. When you feel overwhelmed, turn to your team members for help. Set up a schedule, divide responsibilities and include days off for yourself and your team members. Trust your team to step in when you need to take a break.

Spend time training your team both to help manage the group and uphold the group's culture. Feeling comfortable with your team's decision-making abilities and commitment allows you to take needed breaks from your group.

Audio transcript

“As the group grows, it does take more work than it did when it was smaller. You need to be aware that you need to bring on more staff, you need more mods. You need to learn to trust letting go for a little bit, to trust your staff. I mean, if you've trained them well and stuff, it should run well when you're not there, so every once in a while, take a few days and just walk away from it. Just trust in your staff, trust in your friends to take good care of the group. If they really need me, they can call me. If you can disconnect for a couple of days and take a break every once in a while, I promise you, you will be better for it, you'll be more efficient for it.” - Jeff, Group Admin

Rely on your moderation team to help manage your group and divide responsibilities to free up your time.

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