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It is extremely important when you first get started
to get an admin chat going or an admin group
going. It will give you a place you can go to
and send any problems you have, or any ideas you have.
My moderators and myself, we have a
Messenger chat. If there is anything going on in
the group that requires immediate attention,
you know, we just message each other. We post
screenshots there. There are three of us admins and
we have a private group text where we consult
each other. We never make a move without
consulting each admin.
Help your group run smoothly by creating a space for your team members to collaborate on group management. We spoke with experienced admins Jonathan, Nikki and Lauren about how they help team members exchange advice and ideas.

We keep chats going to record all admin actions, and we have a private group for more involved discussions.

Jeff, Group Admin

Key Tips
  • When you first get started, create a private group to share training materials, foster team culture or discuss rules.
  • Create a Messenger group chat to get support on challenging moderation decisions that require immediate attention.

Discuss difficult moderation decisions in a private group to get team feedback before taking action.

Experienced admins recommend creating a private group exclusively for admins and moderators. Admins use the private group to provide their team with the support they need to collaborate on group management. Whether training new admins and moderators, celebrating the team's accomplishments, or discussing how to enforce group rules, a private group can help set both the culture and the expectations for your team.

As your group grows, your team may experience challenging moderation decisions. For more immediate and timely communication, admins recommend setting up a group conversation on Messenger. Experienced admins recommend sharing screenshots directly in the group chat to get support and feedback from fellow team members.

You can also collaborate with your team on moderation decisions through the admin activity log. In the admin activity log, your team can see any action taken by an admin and moderator, like managing member requests, approving posts, changing settings, blocking members and more. When admins or moderators take an action, they have the option to add a note so your team can understand why they made a moderation decision.

Help your team collaborate on moderation decisions with a private group and Messenger group chat.

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